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Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise. Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products.

    Amazing Lawn Care Business Opportunity


    Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise and provide your clients with lawn care that is Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products. Fill out the form below to get started.

      The Lawn Care Franchise Opportunity

      EcoGreen Lawn Care has established itself as the first name in quality organic care for customers wherever we operate. We combine a dedication to the people we serve with an unshakeable belief in the benefits of taking a green, natural approach to bring out the best in every lawn we work on.

      We’ve grown our franchise alongside the accompanying development of environmental awareness in the U.S. We’re in step with modern business practices and customer interests, with a forward-looking business plan and a reputation for excellence developed through consistent, conscientious service.

      Becoming an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner connects you with a brand with vision and places you at the vanguard of the lawn business. Customers want eco-friendly options for sustainable lawn care, and we’re proud to deliver, day in and day out.

      We believe in choices. We will recommend one of our customized organic, hybrid, or traditional lawn care programs based on a customer’s lawn condition and needs.

      A Growing Business in an In-Demand Industry

      At EcoGreen Lawn Care, we’ve made the organic approach our focus, and it’s helped make us a favorite with our customers. Our daily work to make lawn service safe and to protect kids, pets, and the environment aids our brand development and supports our owners as they build wealth.

      Lawn Care Business: A growing industry

      Lawn care has been a growing business for decades in the U.S., with a vast and expanding pool of customers in all fifty states. The nationwide lawn care industry serves a more than $50 billion market today. That figure is expected to climb to over $60 billion over the next five years as demand continues to rise.

      The green economy

      The green economy is projected to expand and dominate the business landscape during that same period. Green companies are becoming more prominent globally and are playing a more active role, with growth forecasts increasing to a compound annual growth rate of almost 21% by 2030.

      Consumer demand

      Consumer demand has played an outsized role in sustainable business development and is expected to continue in the future. U.S. consumers are shifting their spending toward products and services that focus on ethical and responsible practices and are willing to spend more on organic brands.

      Impressive CAGR

      Organic lawn service is part of that expansion. The global organic fertilizers market is projected to exceed $16 billion within a decade with a compound annual growth rate of more than 6%, as more consumers choose organic lawn care options to help keep their lawns green and growing while remaining environmentally sustainable.

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      The EcoGreen Lawn Care Business Model

      EcoGreen Lawn Care has developed our business to connect with a growing base of sustainability-minded customers who want superior lawn care that includes an organic approach that is safe for their families. We’ve designed our franchise to serve them and set our owners up for expansion in the coming years.

      Our environmentally friendly service and line of proprietary organic products have made us a go-to for our customers and a franchise to watch. We’re working to revolutionize lawn care and have a business model designed to support our owners every step of the way.

      Become an EcoGreen Lawn Care Franchise Owner!

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