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Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise. Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products.

    EcoGreen Lawn Care Franchise Frequently Asked Questions


    Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise and provide your clients with lawn care that is Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products. Fill out the form below to get started.

      How much does a franchise with EcoGreen Lawn Care cost?

      Each owner’s expenses and needs depend on various factors, including local and state regulations, market, location, and other aspects that can affect the cost, but you should expect to invest $162,148 – $191,798 to open a franchise location with us.

      Is financing available?

      We do not work directly with our owners to finance their franchise, but we may refer you to specific financing sources on a case-by-case basis.

      What lawn services does EcoGreen provide?

      We offer clients customized traditional, hybrid, and organic lawn care that can help them create appealing, long-lasting beauty in their homes.

      Is your customer focus residential, commercial, or both?

      We primarily serve residential customers, but there’s a growing commercial demand for our organic lawn care as sustainable business practices expand and become more popular nationwide.

      What types of franchise deals are you seeking?

      We welcome new owners who want to invest in a single franchise unit. We’re also happy to work with current owners who are interested in converting their franchise to EcoGreen and owners looking at add-on franchise opportunities.

      What’s the EcoGreen culture like?

      We regard every owner as a member of our team. We’re at the forefront of a revolution in safer lawn care, and we work together as an organization to advance the brand and transform the industry.

      What training do I get when I sign with EcoGreen?

      Every new owner gets nine days of training in our systems and business approach at our headquarters, and we provide additional ongoing training at your location to keep you and your staff up-to-date and in tune with any new developments.

      What experience are you looking for in your franchise owners?

      At EcoGreen Lawn Care, our background and decades in the business help get our owners up to speed. Owners with industry experience are welcome, but we’re glad to work with anyone with an interest in becoming part of our franchise.

      What sets EcoGreen apart from other lawn care brands?

      We’re one of the only lawn care franchises focusing on all-organic products and services. Our organic program is truly organic and not organic-based, using our own proprietary products — it makes a difference to our customers and places us in a class all our own in the business.

      Is it easy to grow my franchise with EcoGreen Lawn Care?

      The need for sustainable business practices and ecologically sound products and services increases. EcoGreen answers that need and has positioned our franchise and owners to grow along with demand.

      What kind of support can I expect after I open my franchise?

      At EcoGreen, we make owner support a baseline for the business. We’ve developed our franchise model around robust and ongoing support, and we work daily to ensure our owners know we’re there for them when they need our assistance with a team of industry experts and onsite visits when needed.

      How can I get started with EcoGreen?

      We’re standing by to help you get your franchise ownership dreams underway. We have years of franchise experience, and we put it all to work on your behalf through onboarding, location selection, buildout, and much more.

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      EcoGreen has built a brand that delivers sustainable, organic lawn service in step with the industry’s future. We’d love to make you part of our team and help you grow.

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