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    Welcome to EcoGreen Lawncare: A Lawn Service That’s Safer By Nature

    14 - 02 - 2024
    EcoGreen Lawn Care

    EcoGreen Lawn Care owner Dave Walsh started in the industry in 1993 with the second-largest lawn care company in the United States. After spending years experimenting with what worked and what didn’t, he developed an organic process of lawn care that was superior to any he had come across before. In 2011, Dave founded EcoGreen Lawn Care – a local, family-owned company.

    Through EcoGreen, Dave and his team offer traditional, hybrid, and organic lawn care programs that are second to none.

    “I had been in the lawn care business for 18 years when I decided to start this company focusing on safer lawn care and organics.  I knew we could do things safer and better while providing choices that made sense rather than implementing a cookie-cutter approach.”

    EcoGreen Lawn Care Today

    When Dave started EcoGreen Lawn Care, he says he was the first to offer southeastern Pennsylvania a choice between traditional and 100% organic lawn care. Back then, Dave teamed up with BeeSafe, the former industry leader in organic lawn care, serving several high-profile properties such as Harvard University (Quad), Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Portland Sea Dogs home field (Boston Red Sox minor league team), and the city of Scarborough, Maine. Today, his company uses its own proprietary EcoGreen organic products and can service clients with all-natural fertilizers, soil conditioners, and more.

    EcoGreen Lawn Care continues to be a true family company with Daves’s partner Denise adding her financial expertise, CPA and MBA align with industry experience. Their son also works for the company over the summers.

    Organic Is Trending and Here To Stay

    Over the years, Dave has seen an increased interest in natural and organic services. Home and business owners have become more aware of their options and are looking for organic alternatives. Every year more and more people are asking about organic lawn care.

    For EcoGreen, people with young children or pet owners are typical organic customers, but now Walsh sees just about everyone getting involved. Every demographic seems to be increasingly concerned with their environmental footprint, even commercial clients are becoming more environmentally conscious.  

    Servicing a Wide Range of Communities

    Though EcoGreen Lawn Care began in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania,  franchises will soon be available throughout New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Throughout these communities, EcoGreen Lawn Care offers the following services, which are designed to promote a lush, green lawn, while increasing organic content in the soil. 

    • Traditional Lawn Care Program: This service comprises 6 treatments that run from March through November. As well as free service calls, the traditional program includes season-long control of crabgrass and weeds.
    • Organic Lawn Care Program: This service comprises 7 treatments that run from March through November. The program includes all-natural natural fertilizer, soil conditioners, compost tea, corn gluten, and weed control.
    • Supplemental Services: EcoGreen Lawn Care also offers a range of organic and traditional pest control and soil supplementation services. These include mosquito control, flea and tick control, perimeter pest control, overseeding, aeration, grub control, and topdressing with organic compost, and lime.

    The EcoGreen Lawn Franchise Team

    When you become an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner, you get intensive training and support from industry experts and other franchise owners. This includes 9 days of training at the EcoGreen facility and 2 days at the franchisee’s facility after opening. They also provide ongoing support.

    But it’s not all about the business.  Dave also recognizes the importance of valuing each member of the team and getting to know them outside of work. EcoGreen Lawn Care hosts regular company events like annual summer family picnics, holiday parties, and cornhole tournaments. EcoGreen also has multiple contests throughout the season that include prizes and incentives for the technicians.

    EcoGreen’s mission is to revolutionize lawn care through constant research and development and to reduce the use of pesticides to protect children, pets, and the environment.  They strive to achieve greatness through communication with our customers and customized solutions that make sense.

    Safer By Nature

    Unlike most other lawn care services, EcoGreen Lawn Care’s range of proprietary organic products is bee-safe. The range of services includes Organic Lawn Care, Mosquito Control, Tick and Flea Control, Traditional Lawn Care, Perimeter Pest Control, and Supplemental Services such as Core Aeration, Grub Prevention, and pH Adjustment.

    By offering a completely customized approach to lawn care, EcoGreen allows its customers to choose a service that they need and meets their expectations.  EcoGreen Lawn Care also offers free service calls as part of their organic lawn care program.

    If you would like to find out more about becoming an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner, contact us today to schedule a meeting. 

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