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    Launching An Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Business

    23 - 04 - 2024
    EcoGreen Lawn Care

    In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the demand for sustainable practices extends to every industry—including lawn care. If you’re passionate about both green spaces and ecological responsibility, consider starting your own eco-friendly lawn care business.

    Eco-friendly Lawn Care is Here to Stay

    Sustainable landscaping is not just a passing trend, it’s here to stay and eco-friendly lawn care plays a significant role in green landscape maintenance. An increasing number of home and business owners are ditching harsh chemicals and harmful pesticides and turning to healthier and more nurturing solutions. From Alabama to West Virginia, people are looking for dependable and professional eco-friendly lawn service providers.

    It makes complete sense then, to invest in an eco lawn applicator business whether you’re adding on to your existing landscaping business or just starting out. A franchise opportunity is the perfect solution in both cases. This is not only because you can build your company from the foundation of a known brand with a loyal customer base but also because you will get training and support every step of the way.  

    Why EcoGreen Lawn Care Services?

    It’s easy to see why EcoGreen Lawn Care services stand out among its competitors. They offer a wide range of traditional and organic lawn care services so clients can receive a tailor-made lawn care program. Here’s what EcoGreen Lawn Care has to offer:

    • Traditional Lawn Care Program: This service consists of six treatments conducted from March through November. In addition to complimentary service calls, the traditional program offers comprehensive control of crabgrass and weeds throughout the entire season.
    • Organic Lawn Care Program: This service consists of seven treatments conducted from March through November. The program encompasses all-natural fertilizer, soil conditioners, compost tea, corn gluten, and comprehensive weed control.
    • Supplemental Services: EcoGreen Lawn Care provides a comprehensive suite of services, catering to both organic and traditional approaches. These include mosquito control, flea and tick control, perimeter pest control, overseeding, aeration, grub control, and topdressing with organic compost, and lime.

    But that’s not all:

    • Pollinator-friendly: Unlike most other lawn care services, EcoGreen Lawn Care’s range of proprietary organic products are all bee-safe. The range of products covers Organic Lawn Care, Mosquito Control, Tick and Flea Control, Traditional Lawn Care, Perimeter Pest Control, and Supplemental Services such as Core Aeration, Grub Prevention, and pH Adjustment.
    • Tailor-made lawn care solutions:  By offering a completely customized approach to lawn care, EcoGreen allows its customers to choose a service that they need and meets their expectations. 
    • Help is on hand: EcoGreen Lawn Care offers free service calls as part of their organic lawn care program.
    EcoGreen Lawn Care Services Franchise

    Steps to Launch an Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Business 

    Are you ready to become an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner? Here are the steps to ownership:

    STEP 1 – Complete the Form and Download our Industry Outlook Booklet

    Our industry outlook provides information about the EcoGreen Lawn Care industry and what sets us apart from the competition.

    STEP 2 – Introduction Call (5-10 minutes)

    We’ll answer initial questions and talk about qualifications.

    STEP 3 – Exploratory Call (1 hour)

    We’ll get to know each other further and share details on how we help you to succeed.

    STEP 4 – Complete Candidate Profile (10 minutes)

    Once completed we will:

    • Send you the FDD
    • Introduce you to lending contacts
    • Start the preliminary real estate trade analysis

    STEP 5 – Schedule FDD review  (30-45 minutes)

    Speak with the President of Franchising to ask questions on FDD, Real Estate, Territories, etc.

    STEP 6 – Discovery Day

    Visit our home office and multiple locations and meet our CEO, Dave Walsh.

    STEP 7 – Franchise Agreements

    Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.

    STEP 8 – You are now an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner!

    Plug into our brand, and aggressively start the site selection, training, and onboarding process.

    Join EcoGreen for the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Business

    We are a skilled and qualified team dedicated to offering professional services. But it’s not all about the business.  We recognize the importance of valuing each member of the team and getting to know them outside of work. EcoGreen Lawn Care hosts regular company events like annual summer family picnics, holiday parties, and cornhole tournaments. EcoGreen also has multiple contests throughout the season that include prizes and incentives for the technicians.

    You will love being part of the EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise family. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a word from Jim P., one of our franchise owners. 

    “Working at EcoGreen Lawn Care is a family-type atmosphere. It’s laid back but professional at the same time. Everyone knows their roles and takes them seriously. EcoGreen has an open-door policy where everything can be discussed and or resolved. If you are looking for a steady and long-term career with advancement, EcoGreen Lawn Care is the place to be. It’s a team-like atmosphere with the ability to work on your own, with the proper training that’s received.”

    If you’re excited by the prospect of becoming an Eco Green Lawn Care franchise owner, contact us today for more information. 

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