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    Green Ventures: Exploring the Purchase of a Lawn Care Business Franchise

    14 - 02 - 2024
    EcoGreen Lawn Care

    If you are already a landscaping expert looking to branch out, or you’re looking to invest in a gardening franchise, you may be wondering how to start your own lawn care business. With an EcoGreen lawn care franchise, you can be your own boss and enjoy all the benefits of helping business owners and homeowners maintain a healthy landscape with traditional, organic, and hybrid lawn care solutions.

    How To Start Your Own Lawn Care Business

    If you want to be part of a team that is dedicated to preserving outdoor green spaces and ensuring the safety of homeowners, their children, and their pets, then EcoGreen Lawn Care could be just the franchise you’re looking for. Our team at EcoGreen makes it easy to start your own lawn care business. Once you become a franchisee, we will help you develop up-to-date practices that are in line with your client’s interests based on a proven business plan.

    The first step to starting your lawn care business with EcoGreen Lawn Care is to request our information packet. This will explain the services we offer and how you can become a franchisee. Once you have joined our team, we will support you every step of the way. We will help you with:

    • The complete application process
    • Territory and site location
    • A line of proprietary products
    • A scalable business model
    • Location setup and build-out
    • Comprehensive training
    • Marketing and social media campaigns
    • Full ongoing support 

    Do I Need a Lawn Care Business License?

    For a general lawn maintenance business that entails mowing, weed eating, laying sod, edging, and seeding, you need no other license than a state business license if your state requires it. However, if your lawn care business requires you to handle chemicals such as pesticides on another person’s property, you will require both a Pesticide Contractor License and a Commercial Applicator License. 

    The licenses can be obtained from your state’s  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. You will have to complete an application form and in some cases pass an exam. In some states, you must also work as a registered pest technician for at least 12 months before 

    you are eligible to apply for an applicator license. If you’re wondering how much a lawn care business license costs, the answer depends on the state in which you’re starting your business. They must be renewed each year.  

    How Much Does It Cost To Start A Lawn Care Business?

    Franchisee fees and expenses vary depending on several factors, such as:

    • Franchise size
    • Market availability
    • Local and state regulations
    • Location

    In general, you should expect to invest $162,148 – $191,798 to open a franchise location with EcoGreen Lawn Care.

    Although we do not help our franchise owners finance their businesses directly, we may be able to refer you to relevant financing sources on a case-by-case basis. 

    What makes EcoGreen Lawn Care a Great Franchise Investment?

    The lawn care business is growing rapidly and will continue to do so over the coming years. If you are looking to start a lawn care business, there are multiple reasons why EcoGreen Lawn Care stands above other similar franchises. These include:

    • Low-cost investment: Compared to many other similar franchise opportunities, an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise is a relatively low-cost investment. It also has high potential returns. 
    • Tailored solutions: We aim to empower our customers by offering lawn care programs that can be customized to suit their individual needs. This is why we offer traditional, green, and hybrid lawn care solutions.
    • Environmental expansion: Like many others, the lawn care business landscape is shifting towards embracing the green economy. Eco-friendly companies are quickly moving to the top of customer go-to lists. Consumer demand for sustainable businesses is increasing their spending on organic brands. 
    • Support and training: When you join the EcoGreen Lawn Care team, you will never feel out of your depth. We offer comprehensive training and we are always there to offer ongoing support once you are a franchise owner. 

    With our unique combination of an environmental lawn care service and a line of proprietary organic products, we attract customers and potential franchisees alike. We strive to transform lawn care, and we support our franchise owners every step of the way. 

    If you would like to find out more about becoming an EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise owner, contact us today.

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