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Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise. Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products.

    About EcoGreen Lawn Care


    Own a unique EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise and provide your clients with lawn care that is Safer by Nature with our 100% organic proprietary lawn care products. Fill out the form below to get started.

      Organic Lawn Service for Customized, Environmentally Responsible Care

      A green, growing lawn has been an essential aspect of home ownership in the U.S. for generations. Lush, healthy grass around the house that’s free of weeds and pests is a source of pride for a family and provides them with a living piece of nature they can enjoy and call their own.

      Delivering quality lawn service takes dedication and experience, and as the nation becomes more environmentally conscious, providing homeowners with safe, sustainable care options is critical. The brands that recognize the movement toward organic solutions are more in demand with every passing day and are in a favorable position for future growth.

      At EcoGreen Lawn Care, we’ve developed our franchise with the environment in mind. Our ethical, all-organic and hybrid approach to lawn service aligns with our customers’ needs and places our owners at the forefront of a dynamic, emerging industry.

      Quality Lawn Care that Lasts

      EcoGreen understands that the future of modern business is increasingly green. Sustainable, renewable lawn care is part of that evolution and drives our growth.

      Organic lawn service is part of our franchise model, and it’s helped EcoGreen make a difference in the lives of families who trust us to make their homes more beautiful and in tune with the natural world around them.

      EcoGreen is a brand in demand, and we’re excited for what’s to come!

      We work to be Safer by Nature, giving every lawn we touch the custom service and dedication it deserves. We’re ahead of the curve in our take on organic care and work to create customer experiences that develop into lasting relationships.

      A dominant position

      in a low-competition industry

      Proprietary organic products

      designed to deliver superior results without dangerous or damaging chemicals

      Safe lawn care

      that protects children, pets, and the environment

      Owner-focused approach

      to help build the brand and expand opportunity

      Meet EcoGreen Lawn Care Founder and CEO Dave Walsh

      Establishing and nurturing a growing lawn care franchise takes business sense and experience in the field. It’s the foundation for a brand with promise, and it’s what EcoGreen founder Dave Walsh provides to the families he serves.

      Dave got his start in the lawn maintenance business thirty years ago and worked with and for some of the leading brands in the nation. He built his expertise along the way and saw what worked and what didn’t when using traditional methods and synthetic agents, pesticides, and fertilizers.

      The standard techniques of the time focused on lawn growth and pest control, but results could often come at the cost of safety and sustainability. Dave identified a need for a new lawn care style incorporating more environmentally beneficial, family-friendly practices.

      Dave’s revolutionary organic approach was the correct thinking at the right time. The nation’s increased attention to the long-term effects of synthetics and a push for more natural solutions made a move to renewable, green business policies not only sensible but visionary.

      In 2011, Dave Walsh put his pro-environment, customer-safe way of operating to work. The first EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise opened on the East Coast, and the brand grew.

      Today, EcoGreen is a leader in the organic lawn care business. Our franchise is expanding to put Dave’s vision into effect in cities nationwide, and we’re ready to spread the word.

      EcoGreen Lawn Care owner Dave Walsh

      Learn more about the EcoGreen Lawn Care franchise, and become part of the industry’s future!